How To Buy A Successful Online Business

Dear Friend,

Do you live in the United States and want to own an online business? 

Yet you don’t want to invest the time and effort to start a company from scratch? Particularly when you don’t know if a new business will become profitable or flop.

Then buying a successful online business may be the right solution for you. Because it’s a shortcut to getting what you want as someone else has done the hard work to start the company.

As an Internet business lawyer and entrepreneur, I’ve worked in e-commerce since 1994. Through personal experience, clients, and customers, I know what it takes to find and buy a successful online business.

Now to be fair, the system I’ve developed is simple for you to use. Yet it’s not easy. 

And it’s not for someone who is lazy, broke, or looking to get rich quick.

Yet, if you’ve got business experience and a work ethic, you’ll discover how to buy an e-commerce business that meets your goals — whether you’re buying your first online venture or expanding your existing business by buying a competitor or complementary business.

Now the course will show you how to…

    • Save time by narrowing your search before you begin it
    • Identify the type of online business that’s right for you
    • Avoid unprofitable companies pretending to be successful 
    • Identify and shun Internet scams posing as legitimate businesses
    • Pick the right acquisition team to help you get what you want
    • Find potential e-commerce companies to buy that meet your search criteria
    • Discover why a seller’s asking price rarely reflects the true worth of an e-commerce company
    • Identify the real value of an online business so you don’t overpay
    • Make a professional offer to buy that shows you’re serious — not an amateur tire kicker
    • Research a company before closing the deal to avoid hidden dangers that could blow up on you
    • Respond to a seller’s “dirty laundry” you uncover while researching the company
    • Close the deal if it makes sense to do so
    • Start off on the right foot as the new owner
    • Deal with the seller after you’ve bought the business

Here’s what you get…

how to buy online business

    • The full printed course sent to you with free shipping
    • BONUS – a “Quick Start Checklist” – it’s a roadmap to finding your ideal business
    • BONUS – a “Sample Offer To Purchase” so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when making offers to buy – you’d pay a lawyer more than the price of this course to prepare an offer like this one
    • BONUS – “How To Fund Your Purchase” — discover proven methods to finance your acquisition, which funding sources to avoid, and why
    • BONUS – “How To Get Off To The Right Start As The New Owner” — this information will help you transition quickly and smoothly into ownership

So, if you’re serious about owning a profitable online business, you’ll want to get your copy today for just $299.

However, if you take advantage of this special offer, I want three things from you in return for the savings.

    1. First, you agree to apply what you learn in the course 
    2. Plus, I want your honest feedback on anything that can be improved in the course. Yes, the system works. Yet there’s always room for improvement.
    3. And when you buy your online business, please provide a testimonial about how the course helped you.

Fair enough?

Now before you click the “Add to Cart” button and get started, you will want to know a few more things.

    • Naturally, this course isn’t for newbies. If you haven’t worked in a business or owned one, don’t invest in this system.
    • And getting this course doesn’t create an attorney-client relationship between us.
    • Although this is a proven system for buying successful online ventures, there’s no guarantee you’ll do it. Because your work ethic, business experience, and other factors will affect how well you do.

Now if you’re serious about owning an online business, click the button below…





Michael E. Young, J.D., LL.M.
Business Performance Advisors LLC

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